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Kerry Kefir is a delicious way to naturally support your digestive health helping break down and absorb nutrients more efficiently. Kerry Kefir is powerful and will support gut health and immune health in the most natural way possible. Milk-based probiotic kefir delivered direct to your door from €1 a day. Gut health – sorted. 

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Kerry Kefir is the most natural kefir probiotic available on the Irish market. We make our milk kefir the traditional way, using the living organisms (kefir grains) to ferment our locally sourced cow’s milk. Fermenting our milk with the kefir grains provides a powerful kefir with all the time-tested benefits of traditional kefir, as it was made over 2000 years ago! Look after your gut health with the most natural probiotic available for you and your family.

Kerry Kefir will be delivered straight to your door by DPD. We do our best to protect our glass bottles as well as we can, so they arrive to you safe and sound. We also package them with ice packs so they stay cool in transit. Once you get your bottles, please refrigerate them as soon as possible and allow them to settle before opening.

We dispatch on Mondays + Wednesdays for next day delivery. Our order cut off is 12midnight the night before we ship our orders. If you place an order after this time, your order will be sent on the next dispatch day i.e., Monday or Wednesday.

Kerry Kefir is a live probiotic, meaning the kefir is still fermenting in the bottle. As such, the kefir will get stronger and thicker over time which is completely natural and incredible! We suggest you use each bottle of kefir on alternate days, so that you are opening the lid of each (or as we call it “burping”). Kerry Kefir can be frozen in the glass bottle and thawed when you are ready for it. We suggest taking a portion of kefir from the bottles you want to freeze, to ensure adequate space for the liquid to expand.

Ingredients: Cow’s milk, live kefir grains

Additional Payment Option: You have the option to make your payment via Revolut Payment App (Send your payment to 0879443760)


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