What is Kefir?

Kefir is a fermented milk beverage made from living kefir grains which are placed in milk (usually cow, goat, sheep or buffalo milk) and allowed to ferment the milk usually over 24 hours. Kefir is packed full of beneficial bacteria and yeast to help support your gut health and function. It’s the most natural form of a probiotic that you can get. It’s likened to a drinkable yoghurt. It has a tangy taste and is slightly fizzy- owing to the many live beneficial bacteria and yeast. It is a refreshing, nutritious beverage that packs a powerful punch.

We have bacteria that live all over our bodies in harmony (most of the time). Research has shown that the beneficial bugs living in our gut are responsible for so much- from helping to break down and digest our food, to sending signals to our brain! Drinking kefir regularly supports the microbiome (the bugs and the gut they live in). There are thousands of different types of bacteria as well as yeasts in our digestive tract; each one with a different responsibility. The more varieties of beneficial bacteria and yeast that live in our gut, the better we will be able to break down our food, the better we can absorb the much needed nutrients from the foods we eat. The vitamins and minerals absorbed supports our immune system and other functions of the body.

New to Kerry Kefir? Read this before opening your bottle and accidentally experiencing the 'Champagne of Dairy' effect!